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New! FLIR™ i60 series

Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera
High Resolution Visible Light Cameras with Fusion (PIP)

•   FLIR™ i60 series Brochure
•   IR Thermography Primer

The affordable FLIR™ i-series is built for in-house predictive maintenance, electrical, and HVACR professionals. It quickly isolates faulty connections, analyze motors and bearings, or find building envelope leaks.

Get compelling results before a failure occurs!

The New! Best-in-class Thermal Imagers i40, i50 and i60 have all features better than the competition:

Infrared imaging with built-in Visible Light Camera for Fusion Picture in Picture (PIP) image capability so you can see an infrared light image superimposed in a visible light image
High accuracy thank to the adjustable emissivity and thermal sensitivity better than 0.1°C provides the resolution needed to fin problems faster and easier – critical when measuring threshold values of thermally sensitive equipment.
Large 3.5” (89mm) color LCD with razor-shape resolution
Thumbnail image gallery helps you to quickly review and find your infrared images
Rugged meter with easy grip handle construction meets IP54 dust/splashproof standards.
Built-in Laser LocatIR™ pointer quicly helps you associate the hot spot on the IR image with the real physical target which greatly enhances the ability to target inconsistencies (i50 and i60 only)
Stores more than 1000 Radiometric (patented) JPEG images. All thermal pixels of each image can be analyze using the included Quickreport™ PC Software
Long Battery Life lasts for 5 hours of continuous use
Display measurement modes include spot (center) and Area (Min/Max)
Complete with 1 GB mirco SD card, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, power supply, Quick Report software, USB cable, lens cap, hand strap and heavy duty case.