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It is highly probable that Dickson has touched your life many times this year, even if it has never formally been introduced.
Some of the prescriptions in your medicine cabinet were likely formulated and stored in precisely controlled environmental conditions monitored by Dickson data loggers or chart recorders. Some of the foods on your table, in your cupboard, or refrigerator were likely processed or stored at temperatures mandated by government regulations and monitored by Dickson instruments.

You’ve perhaps walked through one or more of the thousands of public buildings – hospitals, libraries, stores and shopping centers, airports, museums, etc.—where Dickson data loggers and chart recorders ensure HVAC systems are optimized for human comfort and energy efficiency. The vaccines your children were immunized with were stored in precise conditions that were probably monitored by Dickson vaccine storage data loggers or vaccine storage chart recorders.

Wherever data is critical, Dickson technology provides a best-fit solution for application and regulatory requirements.
Dickson knoww that the data logger or chart recorder that is the best fit for one user’s application may not work well for another, and it maintains the world’s widest selection of top-quality instruments to ensure you’ll never have to make do with a less than optimal instrument match to your application.

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